About a month and a half ago we embarked on a cross country journey from Orlando Florida head west towards California. The road crew on this stretch Matty Schrock, Wild Bill, Steve Gasstation, our friends Chloe, Staci and myself, meeting and making many friends along the way.

Yet another cross country pilgrimage survived leaving us with a onslaught of amazing memories,
an empty wallet and handful of scars. 

Shredweiser is currently working on a video project over the next year or so
but in The Meantime y'all can enjoy these photos.

First stop, Tallahassee Florida


Wild Bill Top Acid in Tally


Dafick Pocket Mute in Mobil Alabama


Them Southern Boys


New Orleans

NOLA sessions


Dafick unity over the canal

Chillen at the Porches 

Would like to thank both Cody and Bill Porche for the hospitality in your beautiful house in NOLA and countless laughs and good times. Can not thank yall enough

The people you meet along your travels is half the journey itself and we would to thank every singe person along this journey that we shared time with whether it was brief or not.

We would also like to thank Rollerwarehouse for their continued support
and helping us out on some gas money along the journey.



Photos contributed by Chloe Esposito and Chris Dafick

Off to Houston ....


 A Tribute to our fallen brother Gary D

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 Our brother Gary D forever riding with us. Into the Void.


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Cheers my brothers


Balas Perdidas Tour 2014 : Be- Mag Article


Be-Mag published a little article from the
Balas Perdidas Tour through Northern Spain
into Basque Country


Click here and check out

the full article over at

Leon Humphries on the
early morning mini session
Bilbao, Spain

Marc Moreno
Vitoria, Spain

Dafick on the
Beach Front Vert Session
Zarautz, Spain

San Sebastian


- Ride on -

Wrench in the Spokes

Allow me to appologize for the lack of content this summer

Let me rephrase that.... the lack of updates

We have been in over our heads on travels, adventures, and good times

Too say the least we have a lot of content in the near future,
and many more missions as well.

Stay Sick

One For The Road

About to embark on another epic journey, this time on the other side of the river.

Conquering Spain and northern Europe.


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In honor of our new adventure and this sale,
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Thank you for your continuous support



The Return Trip

Hello there brothers and sisters.

Yes. We have been slacking on content over the past couple of months. My most sincere apologies. But it is only because we have been on the road on one hell of a journey to hell and back. A full length tour video is in the works, along with a new line, and a couple other tricks we got hidin' up our sleeves.  We got some big fucking plans for 2014 and so should you. Lets rip this year a new one.

Happy Holidays 



Gotta Keep Movin

Headed on out of Oaktown
first thing in the morning.

Follow us on the road on the gram
@shredweiser #SWamericanatour

along with updates on the ol Shredweiser site.

Gotta Keep Movin

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