Good times in AZ

The next stop on our journey was Tuscon, and Phoniex AZ. James from Revolution was kind enough to hook us
up with a spot list and shot some photos as well during our stay. He put together an article over at that you can go check out. Arizona is known for its beautiful scenery, vast deserts and there endless ditches. And we were on the hunt for all these and more.

Desert Dogs


Dafick 180 out the pocket

Matty Front Sav Cess over into the bank 
on one of the many ditches we were blessed to blade

Morning Joe in the Arizona Deserts 


Matty Inspin Top Acid on the 
Gates of Hell
Photo > James Johnson 


Wild Bill groovin on the banks of Saguara Lake

Arizona is an Oasis of bad ass spots
and beautiful rivers and lakes...
if you know where to look

It treated us very well and it won't be very long
until the South West calls our names again


WILD CHILD 180 Over the fence
PHOTO > James Johnson




It has been real Arizona. Thank you to all the Arizona homies
but again would like to Thank James for everything 
and a extra specail thanks to JB Snyder for giving us a roof
and showing us a good time around Phoniex.

Cheers my friends


And so we pass on by the crimson eye
of great god Mars
as we travel the universe



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