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The Shredweiser Americana Tour Intro

The Americana Tour: We will be uploaded the video section by section over the month of January for your viewing pleasure. If you enjoy it want to contribute to the next journey/ video please feel free to buy the video below, it is on sale for 4 bucks which is what a beer? Cmonnnn ....but if not that is cool too. At the least use it to get stoked and plan yourself a trip with some homies and create your own memories. Good times are a foot. Cheers my friends Full Video Online at On sale for only 4 bones Support the tour life and help Keep us on the Road A Film by: Marc Moreno & Chris Dafick Featuring John Bolino Adria Saa Seba Seufferheld Marc Moreno Brian Bina Billy Oneill Matty Schrock Chris Dafick Erik Bailey Sammy Chase Frank Irven Jona Seufferheld and many more Read More…

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